About Matt

I will tell you a little about myself here, the things I like to do, online and offline, the places I like to go, online and offline and I will let you in on some of the people I know as we go through.

Some of the things I enjoy include playing with computers, driving and teaching.

I enjoy playing with software, generally automating things, and the internet!  I learnt how to write web pages in HTML using notepad when we got our first computer in ’98.  I actually read and learnt how to do it at work making the section web page by accident, then going on to create the whole unit’s website 503 Wing (since rewritten butu parts of the content are still there).  I am beginning to learn how to profit from this hobby.  Julie and I have started to create websites for people and actually get paid for it….if you need one just email us with what you want and we will quote you.  We will have a schedule of fees once we work out the time involved for what we are willing to provide.

Next is the driving….Firstly, I love to drive in the dirt and get sideways, a pastime that a friend who I will name Chickenman showed me how to better than I had in the past.  Now I have 5 acres I have my own little track of sorts that I can go and blast off some pent up energy if I want to…..WOOOHOOO!   I have some video on facebook.

Chickenman and I used to do the motorkhana and khanacross scene in Sydney when we lived there at the same time.  For those that don’t know what they are, you are missing out!!!….seriously if you don’t know, visit these links….MOTORKHANAKHANACROSS…NOW!

Driving online ……LFS and MNR are two TLA‘s associated with driving online.  The team I am a part of, Oz Bee-R.  LFS meaning Live For Speed, the best driving simulator I have ever tried and MNR meaning Monday Night Racing, the most fun you can have starting the week off!

Driving is one of my caves…..Men need caves!


I enjoy sharing stuff that I know with those that are interested in learning.  This includes teaching the kids the right values (isn’t that a set of ongoing lessons kids), stuff about computers, using software, wiring things up to make them do cool things, also at work and sharing my experiences and knowledge with others and I learn from others as well, either by their mistakes or their sharing.

There is a saying I heard a long time ago that I love and it relates to teaching, or more specifically, what you get out of teaching. The saying goes “In teaching is learning”.  From that I have learnt that while you may know how to do something and are sharing that knowledge with someone, it is not unusual to have that person teach you another way, sometimes by accident, meaning you never fully learn something and there is always more to learn and teaching gives you that avenue to learn more.  I guess I love learning and that is why I love teaching….how’s that for finding out a bit about myself on the go.


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