Podcasts and How to Listen to Them

Hi Mum,

Following on from our conversation yesterday, I am going to lay out here how you can listen to podcasts, and I also recommend a podcast that I am sure you will enjoy.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a recording, either audio or video, that anyone can make and publish online that people can download and listen to. They will vary in format from a five minute description of something, a tool, a concept, etc, to a four hour analysis or story of a specific topic. They can also be a copy of other recordings put together to share in that persons presentation of the information. A podcast is typically a series of episodes on a certain topic.

How to Listen to a Podcast

You can listen to a podcast on almost any type of media so the first thing you might do is work out when you would typically listen to a podcast and then you will know how long you have each period to listen for.  I typically only listen to podcasts driving to and from work, or anywhere in the car for more than five minutes.

You can listen to a podcast on your computer or a mobile phone or a tablet or even download the files and put them on a mp3 player. I listen from my phone and download them while at home with unlimited internet for listening in the car. I also download them off my phone to my pc so I keep a copy of them, as they are typically in mp3 format, that way I can share them with friends that do not know how to listen or just want a cd in the car, or maybe the older episodes are no longer available online.

How to Listen:

  • Listening on a Computer – you can go to the podcast webpage and just click on the episode you want and it will play through your speakers or headphones.

    Podcast Addict logo
    Click here to get Podcast Addict for Android
  • Listening on a mobile device (phone/tablet) – The best way is to download a podcasting app, such as Podcast Addict (here is aguide on how I use this app), and then search for the podcast you want, or copy and paste in the link from the website. Then you subscribe to the podcast and download the episodes you want.
  • Listening on a mp3 player – You will need to go to the podcast website and download the podcast episodes you want to listen to and then plug in your mp3 player using USB and transfer them to the player.

Which Podcast Do I Recommend for you Mum?

The podcast I recommend to start with, as we discussed on the phone, is Hardcore History by Dan Carlin.  there are several series and I think the Blueprint for Armageddon is a great place to start.  There are six episodes, each about 4 hours long.

I hope you enjoy listening Mum and please let me know you go. Of course, if you have any problems please give me a call.


P.S. The other podcasts I listen to are:

  • The Tim Ferriss Show – My favourite podcast and most listened to, basically interviews of successful people from all fields.
  • Jocko Podcast – My second favourite podcast, based on leadership with a military focus, including translations to the business world. Jocko, and his mate Leif, wrote a book titled Extreme Ownership, which I listened to on Audible.
  • The Smart Couple – The Smart Couple podcast seems to be a great podcast focused on relationship advice that has so far been excellent.
  • Over It and On With It – Christine Hassler has a knack for getting to the root of personal issues and helping people to realise it themselves.
  • Kwik Brain – Some great tips on here for learning.  This where I learnt F.A.S.T. as a way to learn anything (Forget what you think you know; be Active by asking questions and getting involved and curious; be in the right State for learning awake, hydrated, posture is good, focus on the lesson/listen; learn as if you are going to Teach the subject). I heard about Jim Kwik through Christine Hassler.
  • Deviate – “Because the Best Things in Life are Off-Topic” is the tagline.  I have just started listening and seeing where this goes.  I heard of Rolf Potts and this podcast through Tim Ferriss and he wrote the book Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel, which I listened to on Audible.
  • Metta Hour Podcast – I’ve just started listening to this because I have an interest in the Buddhist philosophy.  I heard about Sharon through Tim Ferriss.

How I Find, Subscribe and Download Podcasts using Podcast Addict

Where to get Podcast Addict from

For Android users, you go to the Google Play Store by clicking on the image here and click install. With this app, I will note there are ads that pop up fairly often, I just hit the back button on my phone and they don’t bother me.  I understand this may bother others so you may need to look for a different podcast app, or buy the Podcast Addict – Donate app to remove the ads.

Podcast Addict at the Google Play Store
Podcast Addict at the Google Play Store

How to Find Podcasts

Click on the + button near the top right of the screen.

Podcast screen

Click the method you are familiar with searching, I use the first option, Search Engine, for this guide.

Podcast Addict New Podcast Screen

Type in the topic or name of the podcast, I have used “Hardcore History” here for my Mum.

Podcast Addict Search Screen

You will get a list of podcasts relevant to what you typed in.

Podcast Addict Search Results

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Click the circled tick to the right of the podcast you want to subscribe to (no this will not cost you any money), the example here is Hardcore History for my Mum.

Podcast Addict Podcast selected

Press on the podcast image and the podcast description will be displayed, from here you can check out the episodes available by pressing on the button that states how many episodes there are, 11 EPISODES is on this example.

Podcast Addict Podcast Description Screen

How to Download Episodes

Here are the episodes available listed.  The icon on the right is the download icon.

Podcast Addict Podcast Episodes Screen

Hold your finger on the episode you want listen to and select “Add to playlist”.

Podcast Addict Episode Context Menu


That is it, do this multiple times to grow your playlist.  Check out the settings of the app to suit your own comfort level.

Hows it going?

It has been a while since I posted on here and I need to start writing again to get used to it.

At the moment I am sitting in the Red Cross Blood Bank in Ipswich and I forgot to bring my Kobo to continue reading Game fo Thrones. So I am writing a blog post left handed from my phone, learning to be ambidextrous at the same time.

Today I have reached the highest level in plasma donation, 18%. I try to donate every two weeks but I am finding something seems to get in the way every second appointment. The Blood Bank are screaming for blood and plasma these days so get in there and start donating. It is so simple to donate, more people should consider it. You just never know when you might need some yourself, or worse, someone in you’re family…

Anyway, to the point of the post. Life is going pretty well lately, especially on the home front where it means the most. Finally my beautiful wife has got through my thick skull and has been able to get me talking. This is not natural for me, or most men, but it is necessary for a mentally healthy life, just ask Dr Brian Ironwood from mantherapy.org.au

Talking has not just been good for family life and relationships, it has also been good to get me thinking about where I want to be in regard to everything, work, sport, hobbies, family and most importantly, where I want to be and what I want to be doing with my wife in the future.  After all, Julie is the one I intend living the rest of my life with. I am just starting on that journey of discovery, but I an enjoying travelling it with Julie. I will try to remember to keep you informed as new things happen.

How’s it going for me? Compared to the end of last year, I am on top of the world. Things still shit me at times, but that’s life isn’t it.  Just don’t let them get you down too far by doing something about them, like talking.

I hope you’re all enjoying your life journey as well.

Have fun and keep in touch,

Movember 2012 Farewell

The Mo is gone but let’s reflect on the month we have had.

For starters we had team members signing up continuously and I was impressed with the amount and the following we have built over the last few years.   Then the donations started rolling in,  before Movember even started we were at almost $2000!  At this stage we have had urgent nationwide Aerospace General Manager, Craig Wilkinson, sign up to grow a Mo, along with other leaders in our organisation.   This sparked more member to sign up and we ended up with a total of 31 members, an awesome record and benchmark has now been set.

I started with Movember in 2007 and grew my Mo to look like the current Movember symbol. I won the Man of Movember award for a new  and was nominated team Captain,  I think the idea was to pass it on and get rid of the title each year. I started my Captaincy in 2008 and lead the team to an improved result from the previous year,  except I managed to get a couple of members in from our Brisbane office involved.  At this stage our numbers were around 10.  I thought it would be great to have a QLD team,  so the next year I pushed and over the next couple for years I had decided I would try to create a national team where everyone from Raytheon Australia joined the one team if they were going to participate. This year we achieved that successfully and going forward it is only going to grow stronger as we also have WA joining in the team.

My choice of standouts for this year were Shane Fairweather, Dave Hutchison, Rowan Green, Phil Hall and Wade Mogridge-Khan. Shane shaved his Mo off for the first time since he was 20, this meant his wife and kids would see him for the first time ever without a Mo.  Shane went on this month to grow donations to him over the $1000 Mark and he joined the Movember Platinum Club. Dave and Phil joined Movember for the first time and lead the way raising donations. Rowan and Wade also made excellent progress with fundraising totals lots higher than most of our team individuals in previous years. I hope to meet some of our other members too and congratulate them in person.

We also have had our Raytheon US counterparts join us in Movember the last couple of years and helped our network total grow to a massive $12000 raised this year! It is great to chat with some of the guys over there,  especially Shaun Beaudette, the Captain,  who has helped raise the Movember movement in the US and personally raised over $1400.  I also hope to meet Shaun one day and personally congratulate him on what he’s achieved.

Well that is it,  a great month of Movember done for another year,  more money raised to help find cancer cures and ways to help depression sufferers, more awareness raised for men’s health and hopefully more men seeing their doctor annually. I also handed over the Captaincy to Wade for next year so I more looking forward to supporting the Captain and doing my bit without some of the overhead, although I won’t be Abe to help myself,  I’m sure I will be there alongside him as a past Captain.

FInally, to those that supported my Mo and donated,  a huge thank you. To those that have not yet donated,  there is time. You can click here and donate.

My Mo and my ever-supportive daughter Caitlin


How’s life going?

Gday Everyone,

It’s  been a long time since I made a post. This one I am writing while I wait for tyres to be fitted to the Santa Fe before the trip to Townsville.

I just wanted to write about how my life is going right now. In short everything seems to be going well. The kids are healthy and developing into awesome young humans, Julie and I are heavily involved with the local footy club (AFL that is) and seeing the club grow and being a part of it is great and  work is fine although something is missing there I just have to work out what it is.  

The only thing I really want to see get better is Julie and I. We  seem to have so much on our plate that we don’t catch up as much, which means we keep on having to get to know each other again, sort of.   We are working on making the house better by adding an ensuite and another toilet and redoing the bathroom. Then we will close part of the front verandah and make another bedroom. These things don’t happen quickly enough and cost money, which is another issue.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I know I need to talk about it to make it clear. I would love for that person I talk to to be Julie, but conversations seem to always end up in someone has done something wrong and it needs to be fixed. I really just want to work it out and not have it end up in an action plan.

Some day soon I would love things to just go quiet. I guess that is my choice about how things go so I will work on it.

Well today is shaping up great anyway. For starters my cousin that I haven’t seen in years is coming to visit, we have a FREE cone and try night for touch footy, yep AFL, and we are getting closer to going to Townsville to play AFL Masters.


Catch up with you all soon,

Movember 2010 – Day 20

This Movember I’ve decided to donate my face to raising awareness about men’s health. My  commitment is the growth of a moustache for the entire month of Movember, which I know will generate conversation, controversy and laughter.

I am doing this because close to 3,300 men die of prostate cancer in Australia each year and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime.

This is a cause I feel strongly about and I’m asking you to support my efforts by making a donation to me.  To help, you can either:

–    Click this link http://au.movember.com/mospace/109083/ and donate online using your credit card or PayPal account
–    Write a cheque payable to Movember Foundation, referencing my registration number 109083 and mailing it to: Movember Foundation, PO Box 292, Prahran, VIC, 3181

Through the Movember Foundation and its men’s health partners, PCFA and beyondblue: the national depression initiative, Movember is funding world class research, educational and support programs which would otherwise not be possible.

For more details on the impact Movember is having please visit: http://au.movemberfoundation.com/research-and-programs.

Thank you in advance for helping me to support men’s health.

Here is my Day 16 photo…

Matt Struthers

A Great Cause for a fellow Dynamic Developer!

I received this message from a friend I met when I did a property development course last year.  We were a part of the great team Dynamic Developers!  I also have been following Sean Rasmussens’s information and find him to be genuine as Mel says.  Also the information he provides that I have read is straight down the line good guts info to help you with your goals, whether it is internet marketing or not.

Read Mel’s email below and DO click on her link and register as you will not be disappointed with what you receive in return and Mel’s cause is a great one to champion.

Hi there!
I hope you’re doing well & life is treating you kindly, whatever you’ve been up to & however long it’s been since we were in touch!

Apologies for this being a bit long, but I could really use your help with a project I’m involved in – a challenge to reach as many people as I can in ONE WEEK – THIS WEEK!!

NO this is NOT a chain letter, you will not suffer at all if you don’t pass the message on!  But if you can spare 3 minutes now to make your mark here: http://bit.ly/MoreDollars it will make a HUGE difference!!!  🙂

I have been learning about internet marketing for the last 6 months, as I want to reach & help as many people as possible. After visiting Thailand last year & seeing more than 700 kids (some as young as 5yrs old) who have been rescued from brothels, I decided my ultimate goal is to raise awareness & funding in the future, to help stamp out modern slavery, especially child sex-slavery in places like Thailand & Cambodia…

My aim is to create unique project sites that raise both funds & awareness to combat these hidden evils. At the moment I am learning how to use marketing skills in a competition run by a great Aussie guy named Sean Rasmussen. He’s helping me to achieve my goals to start making a difference for these kids & others! By completing each task we are set, we increase our competition ranking & get our site ideas & networking skills out into the world. My task this week is to have people click on my competition affiliate link: http://bit.ly/MoreDollars to register their details on a simple form, giving them totally free access to Sean’s competition internet forum. (Each person who registers boosts my ranking in the comp – if I manage to win a cash prize I will be using it to set up my first charity network site!)
Every person who completes the signup form, receives a free download of “The Ultimate Twitter Guide”. This ebook is not available anywhere else & is a gift to forum members, showing how to make money online by using Twitter.  When people register to join (many join JUST to get the Twitter Guide & don’t even use the forum!) their name, email, phone & address details are SAFE, as Sean specialises in total ethical marketing, NO spam, NO harrassment – he takes people’s details to keep spammers & idiots OUT of his forum! But if anyone is worried they can quickly set up a ‘junk’ email
account just to receive their login details here: http://www.gmail.com (or hotmail, or ymail)

You are not required to use the forum, simply sign up & reach the thankyou page – but by all means check it out, download the Twitter Guide & say hi if you like! The main aim of the competition is getting people networking, team efforts, seeing how many people will respond & join – if everyone joins & forwards to a few other people, in just a few days (that’s just about all the time I have left for this task!) this link could go “VIRAL”!…

Networks are the key, we can make a difference!!  If you are able to pass on this email & competition link to your family, friends & other contacts, it will be greatly appreciated – the deadline is July 31st!!  http://bit.ly/MoreDollars

THANKS for all your help, this really is a team effort in a short period of time, but it will help create MASSIVE future long term benefits for people in desperate circumstances, as I learn to establish
fantastic websites to promote under-priveleged groups, helping them to run their own online businesses & become self-sufficient!


Luvya’s, Mel 🙂

An important update from Mel:

Hi again!!
Sooooo sorry to request this again, but I have just found out that part of the rules in the “link” competition task I emailed you about, is that I do NOT receive points on my competition ranking until each person that has signed up, has LOGGED IN to the forum ONCE!… (stuff-up on my part, but that’s another part of what this comp is designed for – to minimise, fix & learn from mistakes!)
If you do choose to sign up here: http://bit.ly/MoreDollars or have already done so, PLEASE be sure to follow the link in the confirmation email that is sent to you & LOGIN at the forum page. That’s when I receive points for my ranking. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the PASSWORD you fill in on the application, as it is required to login, paired with the “user name” that will be sent in your confirmation email! (If you’ve lost or deleted the email, don’t worry about it – I’m just aiming to fix my mistake ASAP!)
And of course, when you login to the forum you will have access to an excellent 30 page ebook – The Ultimate Twitter Guide. If you wish to access this gift, simply enter the “Welcome Aboard!” section of the forum, click on The Ultimate Twitter Guide (download) thread and follow the link to the download!
If you don’t wish to download, or say hi in the forum, you don’t have to! The LOGIN is all that Sean is counting, to ensure real people have entered, not “spambots”. 😉  If you have passed my first email on to others, could you also PLEASE forward this one, so everyone is aware of the login details!
MANY THANKS again for your help – I am currently ranked in 15th place out of over 350 people in the comp & hope to boost my ranking to the top before the end of the week/end of the competition on July 31st!
I will let you know how it all goes & keep you informed in future about any sites I develop to help the kids & other charity groups! Take care!
Cheers – luvya’s! Mel 🙂

Ballooning…..High on life

Coming to work this morning I saw a hot air balloon way off in the distance.   You only get to see these great machines if you are up early enough as they generally land no later than around 8am.  The heat can do funny things to all that gas in the silk sack.

I see the balloons very often around our way in the mornings, I even saw one land in the backyard of the little country gift shop on the highway, Meaning to Stop, is what the shop is called.  It actually landed in amongst the machinery next door if you are familiar with the area.

Every time I see a hot air balloon I remember a time when we lived in Nowra when my boss was given an opportunity to share some rides in a hot air balloon.  I jumped at the chance as it is very expensive if you are paying.  I also got to take my two eldest boys with me.  I have to paint the picture of the basket for you, it is a huge woven cane basket and the steps to get in are woven holes in the side of the basket.  My sons at that time were sitting in the bottom of the basket looking out through these holes.  They loved it but they were a bit short and one of them asked me if they could look over the side as we were crossing the Shoalhaven River.  I said of course, thinking he was just going to stand on the step and peek over the edge.  When he pulled himself up to the top of the basket my heart came up my throat as I felt he was about to launch himself over the side.   The scariest part of the whole ride!

Anyway that is not what I wanted to write about.  The feeling of being in the basket up high in the sky is extremely peaceful.  You see the balloon travels with the wind currents, so you don’t feel much wind, the only time is when you are going up or down and travel through currents going the other way, even then I don’t think I noticed any.  This feeling is very similar to the feeling I have been experiencing lately with my friends and family.

After a fairly long time battling depression I am becoming very clear in my head, only giving headspace to those things that matter.  Over Christmas I was only off work for a very short time, a week and a half.  In that time our family caught up with so many good friends and family and the time really flew by.   We had loads of fun and the fun has continued on, although I suspect it is more a feeling in me than the fun continuing, I have been making sure I have fun no matter what I am doing.

In short I guess the balloon this morning reminded me of how high I am feeling at the moment and how much there is to look forward to when you open your eyes wide to see everything that is happening around you and accepting it and enjoying it.  The key I keep in my mind all the time is that if I start to feel down, then there is something I need to do, talk to someone about something getting to me, stop doing something that is not sitting right with me, start doing something I keep meaning to do….much like the balloon pilot has to turn the burner on to keep his altitude we have to turn the burner on to realise what it is we need to do to keep our own altitude.

Have Fun and Keep In Touch people!