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Here is a blurb I found at the Movember site that explains really well why I grow a Mo every year in the month now known as Movember.  This cause has special ties to me and my family and my belief is that it has a link to pretty much every family, once you look deep enough.  So have a read on what Movember is trying to achieve and what they have achieved and either donate by sponsoring me, or talk to your family and doctor about your health, especially you men.
Movember’s first campaign objective is to raise the awareness and understanding of men’s health issues, specifically prostate cancer and depression.

We want everyone to know that men over the age of 50, and those over 40 with a family history, are at risk of prostate cancer and encourage them to be tested annually.  Prostate cancer is curable if detected and treated early, however, there are normally no early symptoms underpinning the necessity of regular screening.

1 in 8 men in Australia will experience depression in their lifetime. Depression is an illness, not a weakness and there is no shame in seeking help – just the same as you would for a physical health problem. Effective treatments are available and with the right treatment, most people recover from depression.

We also want to remove the stigma associated with men experiencing depression and have everyone understand that it is an illness that they can talk about, and for which they should seek help.

Movember’s awareness campaign aims to increase the understanding of the health issues faced by men, facilitate early detection and diagnosis which then allows for effective treatment. This will ultimately reduce the number of deaths from prostate cancer and suicide.

Over the past couple of years Movember has carried out research with our registered Mo Bros, Sistas and donors. The research is conducted by Deakin University and is one of the key ways in which we track the efficacy of our awareness campaign. It is our intention to continue with this research going forward in order to assess and report back on the progress being made from one year to the next.

The 2008 findings revealed the extent to which participants are listening and acting on the men’s health messages they receive.

The latest research produced some extremely encouraging statistics concerning the changing behaviour of Mo Bros. As the statistics below highlight, as a result of Movember, men are beginning to change their attitudes and habits relating to their health.

– 82% of Mo Bros (or approx 102,188) talked about men’s health with friends, family or work colleagues
– 55% of Mo Bros  (or approx 68,541) did some of their own research into the causes Movember supports
– 13%  (or approx 16,200) sought medical advice
– 38%  (or approx 47,355) encouraged someone else to seek medical advice


Matt with Super Scot John Dillon
Matt with Super Scot John Dillon


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