How’s life going?

Gday Everyone,

It’s  been a long time since I made a post. This one I am writing while I wait for tyres to be fitted to the Santa Fe before the trip to Townsville.

I just wanted to write about how my life is going right now. In short everything seems to be going well. The kids are healthy and developing into awesome young humans, Julie and I are heavily involved with the local footy club (AFL that is) and seeing the club grow and being a part of it is great and  work is fine although something is missing there I just have to work out what it is.  

The only thing I really want to see get better is Julie and I. We  seem to have so much on our plate that we don’t catch up as much, which means we keep on having to get to know each other again, sort of.   We are working on making the house better by adding an ensuite and another toilet and redoing the bathroom. Then we will close part of the front verandah and make another bedroom. These things don’t happen quickly enough and cost money, which is another issue.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this but I know I need to talk about it to make it clear. I would love for that person I talk to to be Julie, but conversations seem to always end up in someone has done something wrong and it needs to be fixed. I really just want to work it out and not have it end up in an action plan.

Some day soon I would love things to just go quiet. I guess that is my choice about how things go so I will work on it.

Well today is shaping up great anyway. For starters my cousin that I haven’t seen in years is coming to visit, we have a FREE cone and try night for touch footy, yep AFL, and we are getting closer to going to Townsville to play AFL Masters.


Catch up with you all soon,