A Great Cause for a fellow Dynamic Developer!

I received this message from a friend I met when I did a property development course last year.  We were a part of the great team Dynamic Developers!  I also have been following Sean Rasmussens’s information and find him to be genuine as Mel says.  Also the information he provides that I have read is straight down the line good guts info to help you with your goals, whether it is internet marketing or not.

Read Mel’s email below and DO click on her link and register as you will not be disappointed with what you receive in return and Mel’s cause is a great one to champion.

Hi there!
I hope you’re doing well & life is treating you kindly, whatever you’ve been up to & however long it’s been since we were in touch!

Apologies for this being a bit long, but I could really use your help with a project I’m involved in – a challenge to reach as many people as I can in ONE WEEK – THIS WEEK!!

NO this is NOT a chain letter, you will not suffer at all if you don’t pass the message on!  But if you can spare 3 minutes now to make your mark here: http://bit.ly/MoreDollars it will make a HUGE difference!!!  🙂

I have been learning about internet marketing for the last 6 months, as I want to reach & help as many people as possible. After visiting Thailand last year & seeing more than 700 kids (some as young as 5yrs old) who have been rescued from brothels, I decided my ultimate goal is to raise awareness & funding in the future, to help stamp out modern slavery, especially child sex-slavery in places like Thailand & Cambodia…

My aim is to create unique project sites that raise both funds & awareness to combat these hidden evils. At the moment I am learning how to use marketing skills in a competition run by a great Aussie guy named Sean Rasmussen. He’s helping me to achieve my goals to start making a difference for these kids & others! By completing each task we are set, we increase our competition ranking & get our site ideas & networking skills out into the world. My task this week is to have people click on my competition affiliate link: http://bit.ly/MoreDollars to register their details on a simple form, giving them totally free access to Sean’s competition internet forum. (Each person who registers boosts my ranking in the comp – if I manage to win a cash prize I will be using it to set up my first charity network site!)
Every person who completes the signup form, receives a free download of “The Ultimate Twitter Guide”. This ebook is not available anywhere else & is a gift to forum members, showing how to make money online by using Twitter.  When people register to join (many join JUST to get the Twitter Guide & don’t even use the forum!) their name, email, phone & address details are SAFE, as Sean specialises in total ethical marketing, NO spam, NO harrassment – he takes people’s details to keep spammers & idiots OUT of his forum! But if anyone is worried they can quickly set up a ‘junk’ email
account just to receive their login details here: http://www.gmail.com (or hotmail, or ymail)

You are not required to use the forum, simply sign up & reach the thankyou page – but by all means check it out, download the Twitter Guide & say hi if you like! The main aim of the competition is getting people networking, team efforts, seeing how many people will respond & join – if everyone joins & forwards to a few other people, in just a few days (that’s just about all the time I have left for this task!) this link could go “VIRAL”!…

Networks are the key, we can make a difference!!  If you are able to pass on this email & competition link to your family, friends & other contacts, it will be greatly appreciated – the deadline is July 31st!!  http://bit.ly/MoreDollars

THANKS for all your help, this really is a team effort in a short period of time, but it will help create MASSIVE future long term benefits for people in desperate circumstances, as I learn to establish
fantastic websites to promote under-priveleged groups, helping them to run their own online businesses & become self-sufficient!


Luvya’s, Mel 🙂

An important update from Mel:

Hi again!!
Sooooo sorry to request this again, but I have just found out that part of the rules in the “link” competition task I emailed you about, is that I do NOT receive points on my competition ranking until each person that has signed up, has LOGGED IN to the forum ONCE!… (stuff-up on my part, but that’s another part of what this comp is designed for – to minimise, fix & learn from mistakes!)
If you do choose to sign up here: http://bit.ly/MoreDollars or have already done so, PLEASE be sure to follow the link in the confirmation email that is sent to you & LOGIN at the forum page. That’s when I receive points for my ranking. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the PASSWORD you fill in on the application, as it is required to login, paired with the “user name” that will be sent in your confirmation email! (If you’ve lost or deleted the email, don’t worry about it – I’m just aiming to fix my mistake ASAP!)
And of course, when you login to the forum you will have access to an excellent 30 page ebook – The Ultimate Twitter Guide. If you wish to access this gift, simply enter the “Welcome Aboard!” section of the forum, click on The Ultimate Twitter Guide (download) thread and follow the link to the download!
If you don’t wish to download, or say hi in the forum, you don’t have to! The LOGIN is all that Sean is counting, to ensure real people have entered, not “spambots”. 😉  If you have passed my first email on to others, could you also PLEASE forward this one, so everyone is aware of the login details!
MANY THANKS again for your help – I am currently ranked in 15th place out of over 350 people in the comp & hope to boost my ranking to the top before the end of the week/end of the competition on July 31st!
I will let you know how it all goes & keep you informed in future about any sites I develop to help the kids & other charity groups! Take care!
Cheers – luvya’s! Mel 🙂