How I Find, Subscribe and Download Podcasts using Podcast Addict

Where to get Podcast Addict from

For Android users, you go to the Google Play Store by clicking on the image here and click install. With this app, I will note there are ads that pop up fairly often, I just hit the back button on my phone and they don’t bother me.  I understand this may bother others so you may need to look for a different podcast app, or buy the Podcast Addict – Donate app to remove the ads.

Podcast Addict at the Google Play Store
Podcast Addict at the Google Play Store

How to Find Podcasts

Click on the + button near the top right of the screen.

Podcast screen

Click the method you are familiar with searching, I use the first option, Search Engine, for this guide.

Podcast Addict New Podcast Screen

Type in the topic or name of the podcast, I have used “Hardcore History” here for my Mum.

Podcast Addict Search Screen

You will get a list of podcasts relevant to what you typed in.

Podcast Addict Search Results

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Click the circled tick to the right of the podcast you want to subscribe to (no this will not cost you any money), the example here is Hardcore History for my Mum.

Podcast Addict Podcast selected

Press on the podcast image and the podcast description will be displayed, from here you can check out the episodes available by pressing on the button that states how many episodes there are, 11 EPISODES is on this example.

Podcast Addict Podcast Description Screen

How to Download Episodes

Here are the episodes available listed.  The icon on the right is the download icon.

Podcast Addict Podcast Episodes Screen

Hold your finger on the episode you want listen to and select “Add to playlist”.

Podcast Addict Episode Context Menu


That is it, do this multiple times to grow your playlist.  Check out the settings of the app to suit your own comfort level.

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