Managing Holiday Stress

I received this in a work newsletter and thought it to be relevant to share so here it is…

Understanding what may cause you stress during the holidays is the first step to managing it.    Setting high expectations and doing too much can leave us feeling overwhelmed.     Spending time with relatives or, conversely, missing our relatives, can stir up emotions.

The weather can contribute to our holiday mood as it gets hotter or colder (depending where you live in the world) and daylight increases/decreases.
Suggestions for making this holiday season less stressful:
  • Limit your schedule by selecting only the activities, parties, events, and traditions that have the most meaning and give the most joy to you.
  • Make healthy food and drink choices that will leave you feeling good and with no regrets come 2010.
  • Set a reasonable budget for the season and stick to it.
  • Exercise can be a wonderful mood elevator.
  • Spending time in well lit environments can be helpful.
Most important, seek help if your holiday stress becomes too great or you are feeling overly sad and/or disinterested in things you once enjoyed.
Have a safe, stressless, enjoyable Christmas.

Day 17

Well I have been great at keeping this blog up to date haven’t I?…NOT!

I found a video of the MoBro salute…

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I will put a photo up here in the next day or so.


Scholarship to success

For those that know what affiliate marketing is, you have probably heard of Sean Rasmussen and the Year of the Affiliate (YOTA) forum.

Sean created this site to share the wealth of knowledge he has acquired with as many people as possible.

Now he has decided to offer a scholarship to learn from him and the YOTA team.

If you would like to have a shot at this opportunity you need to get over to the Scholarship page and follow the directions there.

Good luck, whoever gets the scholarship will deserve it I am sure.  I have certainly thrown my hat in the ring for it.


Caribou Retirement Party!

Well it is finally happening, the Caribou is finally retiring after 45 years of service.

The 15th September 1945 saw the introduction of the Mighty Caribou to the service of the Royal Australian Air Force, with delivery of 2 aircraft straight to Vietnam.

Now has come the time for us to have a huge shindig for the celebration of the Caribou’s Excellent effort and service record.

As far as I know the bash will be held on a Saturday in November of this year, so if you wnat to know more use the form below and I will keep you up to date.  The location will probably be Townsville.